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Apple announces "Safari" ... a snub to Moz-ites?

" In kicking off the Macworld Expo keynote, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled a new Macintosh web browser named Safari. Jobs said the browser was "based on standards", "works with any Web site", has much-improved performance over IE. . . .

The discussion at KDE New runs the gamut:

  • Too bad that these efforts were not coordinated from the beginning, because right now, the changes in safari-khtml look very massive (and impressive!), so basically this is a fork."
  • " I don't think the importance of this can be underestimated. ... [W]ith the recent success of Mozilla and now millions of Mac heads about to switch to a non-IE browser, the balance will shift back to standards-based web design."
  • "> Congratulations to the great KDE developers, who beat Mozilla.
    It hasn't exactly "beaten" Mozilla, as khtml still has a long ways in the CSS department and other technologies (XHTML) to go to be on the level of Gecko."

One wag, who shall remain nameless [jwz!!] does a number on the language used by the developers:

"Translated through a de-weaselizer, this says:
"Even though some of us used to work on Mozilla, we have to admit that the Mozilla code is a gigantic, bloated mess, not to mention slow, and with an internal API so flamboyantly baroque that frankly we can't even comprehend where to begin. Also did we mention big and slow and incomprehensible?"
A choice of browsers ... hunh ... Given that I've never and will never use IE, that's truly novel concept for me! So, it comes to this, then: shall I use Mozilla 1.2.1? or Phoenix 0.5? .... ummmm, I think the latest Phoenix nightly is the order of the day.

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