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Last week I let a friend know that I had received two copies of what she sent to her mail list. She replied that she and the friend who was helping her had fumbled the ball; she hadn't passed on where she'd gotten to on the list ... "on the list", get it? She and her friend were sending the message to a whole lot of folks individually ... serially ... 1 by 1. After 11 years on the web she hadn't learned about the mail-list function in her mailer. Yaaa ... like that.

Also, from a friend working in South American, a short message announcing that she had posted pictured to Ringo. Ringo is a scam. Not only did I have to register to see her pictures (which I never did), not only did I get all sorts of adware popups, but I found malware on my machine the next day.

This morning (moving right along) I got confirmation email from an opensource collaboration project. The notification read, in full "You account has been approved." That's it. No salutation or greetings, no account data, no link ... not even basic englisch grammuhr.

Moving on: NewsGator is sweet ... I'm a sucker for certain styles of interface ... I like this one. But, now, really ... why do I have to delete feeds 1 by 1, individually, reloading the whole page after each one? I just uploaded my newly edited OPML ... over 400 feeds, hand-picked and hand-sorted. But there was some duplication; not astonishing. But having to go through one by one instead of checkboxes? Or Ctrl-Click like in There's no reason for that.

For a break I headed to MyInformationWeek ... what a wierdly convoluted login procedure! Heading over to InformationWeek itself ... what a fabulous list of breaking news ... and Firefox's RSS icon has popped up ... why am I having to look through a huge page repeatedly to find tha GD feed?

But I got the stuff I wanted ... yet another fine post by Jon Udell, this time a podcast with a real tech_doc SME, Bob Glushko. (Coincidentally in another tab there was the IBM document I had loaded earlier, "Making ITIL Actionable in an IT service management environment - Tivoli software"). So liking what I saw I head to ''Doc or Die'', Glushko's blog. Schweeeeeet! [*Kevin Burton's thinking is infectious; PodCast*] I hit my technorati bookmarklet and

Gadzooks, look at the changes in the interface! And I can tag the item as I log it, too!! Fabulous!

More than just this lovely added function, it's a whole facelift ... it's gonna be fun to check this out.
Oh, wait, what's this? Technorati: BenTrem's Favorites: "Sorry, is not a valid URL. Please try again." Well for heaven's sake!!

Awwwwwww geeeez folks ... I use that function routinely and regularly, and there's nothing odd about ... gaaaaaallllllldangit. Should I blog this? or just throw my hands up in disgust. Meh ... report/feedback/document ... this is what makes the IT world go round: unremunerated beta-testing.

Bottom line? Housebuilders know how to start with sound foundations. And interior decorators know how to change things around without breaking the furniture. Why activity surrounding software can't follow those paradigms escapes me.

I just got a "500 ... server error" while trying to get a password reminder from SourceForge. Funny, I got a very similar error on a different site about an hour ago, while trying to access the mail list archive. What's ironic is that bombed a few times when I tried to post this item originally. Ready for prime time? *shakes head* But still, and this is the point: technorati looks great!

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I am pleased that you liked my interview with Udell and my "Doc or Die" blog, but what is a "real tech_doc SME" ???.

I would really like to know -- send me email and tell me.

The only unpacking I know of for "SME" is "small and medium enterprise" and I don't relate to that.

-bob glushko

By Blogger Bob Glushko, at Monday, 24 July 2006 at 20:09:00 GMT-6  

heh ... I ran head-on into a dissonance with that, thinking SME had the single meaning of "Subject Matter Expert". When doing technical documents (tech_docs, yes?) for an avionics R&D project SME interviewing was part of the skill set ... corp-speak for getting engineers to spill the beans.


By Blogger Ben, at Monday, 24 July 2006 at 21:14:00 GMT-6  

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