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* this in response to NewMediaJim's " our producer here in Crawford is looking for recommendations for great podasts, any topic. DM me suggestions!! about 1 hour ago from web"


And no tabula rasa; APML arises in the context of such as these two:
* Lauren Weinstein's Blog: Google Hijacked -- Major ISP to Intercept and Modify Web Pages - "Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and modification system (reportedly manufactured by "In-Browser Marketing" firm "PerfTech")"
* MIT Researcher Collecting Passive Social Graph Data From Cellphone Activity, Bluetooth - ReadWriteWeb - "Sandy Pentland, a researcher at MIT whose work has received funding from Nokia, is working on processing more than 350,000 hours of data collected from peoples' cell phones. More than just who calls who, Pentland is also studying proximity, location and activity data using information like interactions recorded between Bluetooth devices."

FYI the recent pages I've read on APML:

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