Again, frustration with things google, i.e.

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This is being created in (here is the publically-viewable original ) and, perhaps, if I'm lucky, published to my main blog.

(Since this is going to be in my blog, shouldn't there be a way of indicating a title? [the first few words of text are adopted as the post title])

Take 3 ... the "publish to blog" test showed no faults, but Publish had no effect [even though I specified the target blog using its 7-digit ID, Publish went to the first in the list rather than that one] ... so here we go again.

Take 5? Nawww ... I've got better things to do.
But how typical of things google: the Publish function is about 80% done, so they cut their costs and move on to more flashy things. My point: entering the blog ID failed; it went to the first blog in my list. Entering the blog name failed; it seems it wasn't published at all. Entering both, using the same format as the prompt/hint failed in the same way.

And here's my point: why isn't this integrated with! If I select to publish there (apparently I have the option of sending to other platforms, LJ for example) then why can't I be provided with a list of blogs? Those are under the same login data / authorization / permissions as what I'm doing here.

And if I want to publish this elsewhere by using IFrame I need to dig around to find my key.

Sorry, but no ... no thanks. Spent too much time on this already.

Screenshot of desktop using ExtJS at ... see also my blogpost at LiveJournal.


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