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With the fixation on success as means to an end I have to wonder, why have studied Phillipe of Macedon, the greatest of great orators? (Want proof of rhetoric? Study his son. *beat* Oh, sorry, I forgot you were ill-lit-rut: Alexander. Yaa, that Alexander. The power of his father's principled nature drove him mad. *shrug* Bummer ... I cudda advised him. You think you're benighted? How'bout that hero?!)

So it comes to this: nice folk like Brett, safely ensconced within the domain of tech docs, to ponder communications. That they are at one remove from the cutting edge of those moral ambiguities is their fate; they are in a self-validating realm. I don't envy them.

Given that rhetoric is morally ambiguous, what would those nice / successful people have to say about sophistry?

To the point: why have I once again posted here. So many posts ... so many hours ... so many days, weeks, months, years ... what brings me here again?

Perhaps it's that butter wouldn't melt in Brett's mouth.
Works for me.


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just further proof people incredibly involved with technology will become slaves to it

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Saturday, 3 December 2011 at 05:31:00 GMT-7  

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