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!Headline! Exposure to Mozilla world shocks Mac thinker into sensibility!

Yes, of course that's silly. But how else to explain this bit of sophomoric cant? (Alright ... over-paid hot-house dot-com sophists on phurlough. Yes, there is that.)

dive into mark "How to hide CSS from Safari" reads, in part:
Recently, I floated the idea that perhaps Safari should be intentionally buggy in parsing CSS, in order to leave a backdoor for web designers. [??!] Of those who thought it was a bad idea, arguments fell broadly into two categories:
1) “We had enough buggy CSS rendering in Netscape 4; modern browsers should render perfectly.” This is true, but it is not an argument against my proposal. My proposal was about bugs in CSS parsing, not CSS rendering. Obviously Safari should properly render all the CSS it finds; the only question is whether it should intentionally not find some of it. [Obviously. But what an inarticulate way of explicating what has been so thorougly discussed in the explanation of Moz's "quirks" mode.]
2) “Web designers should just code to standards and not make concessions for buggy browsers.” Um, OK, you’re certainly free to do that on your own site. Meanwhile, over here in the real world, half a million people have downloaded Safari in the last 48 hours, I’m getting 1000 Safari visitors a day, and my site looks like this. [ohhh for *&^@$# ... see above]

It's gratifying to see that people are coming to grips with what is under their feet. I hope we don't have to reward them too highly for their having coined the working concept of "ground".

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