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"Moving its slow thighs ... to be born" Something's up. I heard about Borland acquiring BoldSoft (not such a big deal; my eccentric interests showing) and today this: Borland swoops on Starbase. Reminds me of the shiver I felt when I read about IMB snatching Rational
I won't say I'm prescient. Hell, I won't even suggest I knows what's what *Great ... radio news of Alliant dumping another IT division ... wonderful. Oh hey! speak of the devil, the suit talks about focussing on information intelligence rather than IT ... see what I mean?!* ... but the penny dropped for me last fall when I got reading about business process management and ________________. (Remember I was asking around about how one goes about exploring an opportunity without selling the farm? Well, I haven't found that way yet. My yuppy friends are sipping their lattes balthering about how money's "just the punchline". ya ya ya, isn't it nice to have cashed in on dot-bomb.)
Anyhow, I'm going to keep drilling down through all this "humus" til I find something like rock ... hope this old Latitude doesn't die before things unfold.

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