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Responding to Dave Winer's "First Essay of the Year", Jeremy Allaire asked himself, "whether weblogging as we know it will truly become a mainstream form of personal communications and sharing, rather than it's current perceived niche as form of personal or independent Internet journalism." His musings raise two major characteristics of blogs:
  • "They make publishing to the web really simple --- they are very simple, consumer-level content management systems. No HTML, no scripting, no knowledge of web servers, page layout, etc."
  • "They fulfill the promise of the semantic web (partially) by ensuring that your content is well structured (it's all XML!), and shareable (through RSS) in a standard way, and even well-described so their content can be harvested (RSS 2.0 in action will take is there)"
  • Interesting that the first paragraph's homepage quotes Tim Berners-Lee, who said in December 1997: "The intuitive editing interfaces which make authoring a natural part of daily life are still maturing." I'm pretty happy with BlogBuddy, but the frankly the actuality is just as the site's title puts it: "We're working on it!"

    Davenet: The Two Way Web is a good backgrounder on this.

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