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Whooo-boy! Yessir, nothing like reading old files to get a sense of how one has come to be the person one has come to be! If my old collection of HyperNews related items was not enough of a chocker *waves and shouts to Daniel LaLiberte; may he always drink deep and prosper*, I found another directory full of items relating to *what else?* topoi. What is this about? Well, let me tell you about my theory of how strange attractors play a role in the cognitive processes of conceptualization. !now. Okay, instead, let me share this with you ... I had a local copy of this item, which is still alive on the web!
This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics (Week 68) - October 29, 1995, by John Baez
Okay, now the time has come to speak of many things: of topoi, glueballs, communication between branches in the many-worlds interpretation of quantum theory, knots, and quantum gravity.
1) Robert Goldblatt, Topoi, the Categorial Analysis of Logic, Studies in logic and the foundations of mathematics vol. 98, North-Holland, New York, 1984.
If you've ever been interested in logic, you've got to read this book. Unless you learn a bit about topoi, you are really missing lots of the fun. The basic idea is simple and profound: abstract the basic concepts of set theory, so as to define the notion of a "topos", a kind of universe like the world of classical logic and set theory, but far more general!"
Isn't that wonderful?! I feel like I've discovered that my clansmen have not all died off! *blush*

Now, it's just a matter of relating this back to BPML/N and SMBmetta.

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