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Creative Commons, "little or no significance". YAGT! ... that's "yet another gauntlet thrown" [@ hfx_ben 14JAN03 01:30AST ... j/k]

Dan Gilmor gets his wrist slapped for supporting Lawrence Lessig and Creative Commons by TechCentralStation's Arnold Kling in his 13JAN03 TCS: Tech - Content Is Crap

"While there are many Net-heads who share Dan Gillmor's enthusiasm for Creative Commons, I do not. It has little or no significance, because it is based on a strikingly naive 60's-retro ideological view of how content intermediaries function. The Commons enthusiasts believe that content publishers earn their profits by using copyright law to steal content from its creators and charge extortionary prices to consumers."
[the heads up on this from mike and the folks at, where they have a discussion on this item]

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