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The UK Register reports that Norwegian courts have rendered judgement: DVD decoder Johansen did no wrong. Kewl. More on this "real soon now". [thanks to h2odragon and kuro5hin for this. h_b]

On the Sematic Web front [no secondary links right now ... it's 02:20 and I'm pooped. h_b]: In Attention MovableType users! the creator of Idle Words writes:

"I am working on a semantic search engine plugin for Movable Type. The technique I have been working with, called latent semantic analysis, uses linear algebra to examine patterns of word use across many blog entries and make intelligent guesses about the topics those entries cover."
(As well as having an interesting project and some tasty items, the guy is reading Joseph Heller's Something Happened right now!)

On a different thread entirely, Conservative Columnists Bruce Bartlett on blogging. (Earlier this evening I came across an item on libertarian hawks ... dynamical systems indeed!)

Here's the item that moved me to blog at this ungawdly hour after so long online: if we drive someone offline by linkiing to them, shouldn't we arrange that they get served with higher bandwidth capabality? Set up a tip jar somewhere ...

Web sites can in effect get disappeared by their popularity; getting linked by the likes of Slashdot and Kuro5hin, can bring down the server that isn't ready for massive hits. (I've often told friends that if they think failure is hard to cope with, then they really aren't prepared to handle success!) Exceeding bandwidth can result in suspension of service. It can easily drive up costs. [thanks to zonker for the kuro5hin item "Ethics of Linkage". h_b]

An online book: KDE 2.0 Development - Andamooka Reader Table of Contents

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