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A funny thing happened while I was comparison shopping habrashi

(if you don't ask why, I promise not to tell. Deal?)

Out of curiosity I visited the homepage and made out a few characters, viz.: "JavaScriptsâšÃ† DOM âšÃŒÅ½Ã?â˜Â¬âœxâšÃ?…âšÃ �IE âšÂª?Ã…â˜Â¬?H Opera⠚ÆâšÃ ŒÅ ÔâšÃ ‰â˜Ã¥âš JâšÂ«" ... easily enough to be curious as to how that would make front-page news on this site.
The associated link brought me to this browser comparison run by GreyMagic Security.
In their news section I found this under-stated little gem about M$ and it's communication tactics:
"MS02-068 was released Wednesday. Fixing the "external" object caching flaw. Strangely though, the vulnerability is rated "moderate". It allows reading of any cookie on any site you visit, reading of any file on your system and the execution of arbitrary commands, yet, somehow, it is rated "moderate", the second lowest possible rating."
Makes me want to go back to browsing tooth-brushes in Japanese, that does.

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