Incorporated Subversion? Okay, why not!

Anchor for this item  posted Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 4:44 pm MST

"Incorporated Subversion" is the blog I just found ... cool. James Farmer is down-under and (apparently) involved with EduBlogs (this site is down just now; it was fine 5 minutes ago!) and WikiSpaces.

That last link came to my attention because of this:

"You can link Blogger and TypePad blog entries with Wikispaces pages and import those blog entries into Wikispaces pages. The imported text can then be edited just like regular Wikispaces content."
That's something I've been working towards ... sloshing content back and forth from Wiki to Blog! Read it at "Blog Integration".

Digging around the WikiSpaces blog itself brought this to the surface:

  • Never Again International wiki - "Never Again is a collaborative international network which aims to provoke ideas and action for peace"
  • from NetSquared (a project of TechSoup): "Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone: the decentralization of expertise and the creation of community knowledge bases"

  • On a more techie note: " How to Get Google AJAX Search For Your Site", thanks to Stuff to Think About via BloggerBuzz.

    Also, a Case Study in Micro Media ... the skinny on TechCrunch. (see

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