"QA and Javascript Libraries"

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Edging (creeping?) towards implementation, I've allowed my mind to *yikes!!* ponder choices of Javascript / AJAX library / toolkit / frameworks ... dojo? Yahoo/YIU? Rico? One of my concerns was nicely treated in dean edward's "Das Bloat":

"I just had a quick look at Yahoo’s UI library. In particular, the TreeView control. I’m on a broadband connection and the demo page took 12 seconds to load the necessary JavaScript."
In that context I was ?what? touched by "QA and Javascript Libraries" in Jibbering Musings:
"Three months later, and want to add a couple of new features to one of your pages, the library has had some changes, this is where the problems arrive. The 10% it doesn’t do is now 5%, but they’ve solved it differently to you did, the bugs you fixed are integrated, and so are a number of others. What do you do? If you change the library to the new one, every one of your 100 pages needs to go through QA again, the impact of changing the library code has an immense cost in time to retest everything"
Didn't actually leave me jibbering, no ... nothing more than a couple of deep spasms in the back of my neck, increased pressure in my forehead, a little tick over my left eye. It's just me, myself, and I here ... and my situation is far from resource rich ... "life-cycle cost assessment" sounds high-falutin' but I simply cannot afford to be holed under the waterline. *twitch* Same old same-old, yaa?

Of note: InfoDesign: Understanding by Design - News ... items from such as BoxesAndArrows.com and UXatters.com
On the "applied" side of things: Continuing Intermittent Incoherency ? Comet: Low Latency Data for the Browser (from alex.dojotoolkit.org) and mir.aculo.us. Also JotSpot Live and *blink* meebo.com.

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