"Twiki as enterprise kbase-Dynamic only or static content as well?"

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"we are developing an internal twiki for our corporate kbase/portal

we are having discussion as to what kind of knowledge that should be capture...Read More..."

Here's the reply I posted on that site. (I resisted the urge to point at HyperScope.)

I think you've put your finger on a substantial and significant bottle-neck / can of worms / source of confounds. Suspecting that some elegant transclusion will ultimately resolve this, in the moment I can only say, "Not just you!"

Not 30 minutes ago I was discussing homepage design with someone who's launching a rather nice Forum system ... should they allow comments in their blog or somehow drive respondents into the demo forum they had set up? Does blog activity differ from forum material?
I've been banging away at this for a while and keep coming back to the thinking behind "purple numbers" (thanks to Chris Dent for that post!) ... what stays still when the layout of a page changes? what changes when a single variable in a large paragraph is modified?

Good luck. I remain convinced that the mythical pony is around here somewhere and suspect it'll be uncovered if we persist with our best efforts.

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