Yuppies make things sooooooo complicated!

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Leaving W3C QA Dev. from Bjoern Hoehrmann on 2006-07-16 (public-qa-dev@w3.org from July 2006):

"Many parts of the HTML and XHTML specifications are incorrect and/or very unclear. Over the years you just get used to the fact that the HTML Working Group simply disregards any issues people raise about their Recommendations, so instead we tried something more clever, raise issues on draft specifications."

Ohhhhh get over your precious self! You're right, it's true ... and all I can think is that I'd applaud if you fell out of your tree onto your head. Since when has anybody given a shit about good documentation?! In " Spring 2004 Travelog: Part 9" Hixie writes,

"The detailed spec problem is the big issue. There has simply never been a Web specification written in enough detail for this kind of work."
Well nooooooo shiet Batman! With everyone bellowing, "Release quickly! Release often!" who the hell is gonna do the shit work? Yaaaa ... me. Nope, been there done that. Screw you all.

I've been doing tech_docs pro bono for years and decades because I will no longer subject myself to the bullshit of successful companies i.e. yuppies and their ilk.

You pay for crap, you reward crap, you aid and abet crap, you put up with crap, you suck back crap by the bucket and then you want long boring documents to be right.

I do "correct, complete, comphrehensive" pissed drunk. But that's not valued. So choke, dewd ... really.

Gawwd, yuppies' sense of entitlement makes me gag!

Lemme explain my resentment. Recall how the firefighters died in the WTC collapses cuz their radios didn't relay the "Get the hell outta there!" message? That was 2001. I was talking better comms for EMS in the mid-70s. But that was just me. And yuppies thrive on personality politics ... the cult of personality.

I blame yuppies because, as individuals, they have the sensitivity and education and training and charisma to change things. And they don't ... cuz they're filled with their sense of narcissistic entitlement. (Do a literature search for "sovereignty" and "social pathology".) They're responsible because they've been pulling big salaries for decades ... and blow it every chance they get, cuz they just shrug.

I don't like being poor. It sucks. But it sucks worse to be you. So I'm not. Is all.

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