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How ironic is this: at the moment I was reading a friend's blog about how legal aid is "always under fire" CPAC carried Bill Gates announcing how he was coming into the scene, riding to the rescue with funding for AIDS/HIV research. Ain't that just ducky.

And moments before? I banged my head against a beam, realizing that I have to have a bigger machine and better than Win98SE for the Java NetBeans SDK I need to help with this:

"Build some type of "pick and choose" functionality to help reduce the technical skills required for report creation. Need to define exactly what this means and how it should look, but basically enable the ability to build a report from smaller, individual widgets and have these widgets pre-defined in the system so that the user doesn't need SQL skills to build a report. For example, have a widget that generates data for "% of women clients" predefined in the system-- so an MFI can add or remove that widget to/from existing reports. More research and clarification needed."
Geeeeeeesch, should I drag out my C=64?! *sigh*

Grameen Bank's "MicroFinance OpenSource" (MiFos) project ... it's a Java.Net collaboration, and I /know/ that "Phobos" is the tool that'll do the trick.

Hey, the stuff I'm trying to do with "my "Participatory Deliberation" project? That could easily be used to help folk like Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted.

Lemme get political for just a moment: the bourgeoisie is 5th column ... the high-falutin' talk is stuff they aspire too, nothing more ... the government is the executive committee of the bourgeoisie, whether conservative or liberal. The liberals just fly brighter banners. Economic warfare, is all. Now I'm old, and broke, so I'm marshalling my last resources with fervor. You have different reasons, but should take care to do the same. I suggest you google and purchase "The Portable Dragon" ... I Ching with passages from literature in the judgments.

Also of interest:

I have fond memories of the dragNdrop Java IDE that IBM AlphaWorks came out with ?what? 1998 or environment. Soooo, did anyone anticipate things "Web2.0" back then?

This edit session in Yahoo!Pipes shows what can be done. And early this morning I came across at SourceForge ... isn't that tasty?!

Also worthy of note are these gems: the BlueJ Java teaching IDE and the "Revolution" deployment environment.

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