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After spending quite a quile pillaging Altova's set of tools I was tickled to come across ... not just a neat project (JXTA is 5; TurboGeek celebrates) but a really pleasant homepage. In email about it I wrote "so much what I'm moving towards: soft, friendly, warm, practical ... in contradistinction to the rather more hard-edged design used by commercial concerns. Effective, and puhrty too!" It's like having desert after a heavy main course.

Back to the roast beef section of the menu, I found notice of Brad Neuberg's HyperScope presentation at EUOscon ... neat!

"Douglas Engelbart's newest creation is the HyperScope, a thought processor that enables you to navigate, view, and link to documents in sophisticated ways. It brings to the contemporary web new authoring and hyperlink capabilities, including transclusions for grabbing pieces of remote documents in real-time; indirect links, which make it possible to build up unique link databases; powerful granular addressing for targeting remote documents; and more. These capabilities all add up to give end users new forms of collaboration and annotation.

The HyperScope is a fully browser-based application that works with the current web, built using Ajax and DHTML and programmed in JavaScript using the Dojo toolkit. It uses OPML as its base file format, and is open source and available under the GPL."
Nice to see that not all exchanges are conducted virtually (with respect for the folk at Kerika).

For the record, Brad's presentation is availiable from his site, in two flavours: good old fashion PDF and OpenOffice ODP. And, for the sake of completeness: HyperScope.

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Hi! Were you at the EuroOSCON talk? I'm looking for positive and negative feedback to help me present HyperScope in the future.


By Blogger Brad GNUberg, at Thursday, 21 September 2006 at 15:56:00 GMT-6  

No such luck. And I'll be sitting back here while you gallavant around France on vacation.

Tough work, but somebody's gotta do it.


see you on the list

By Blogger Ben, at Thursday, 21 September 2006 at 16:31:00 GMT-6  

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