"Rumours of my death are vastly exagerated:

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Felipe Gaucho's Blog: HTML is dying:
" The last decade of the XXth century was marked by the HTML advent, from a simple language rendered by the Web Browsers to the standard de facto of Internet contents: web-pages, mail and business applications. Several interesting innovations were applyied to the first draft of the HyperText Implementation in order to support the e-commerce demand, including multimedia tags and dynamic web layouts. No doubt the HTML is the most sucessfuly language in the software industry but, despite this amazing supremacy in the web publishing, it seems the end of HTML life-cycle is coming.

The problems of the HTML in the nowadays business scenario
While the HTML was growing in the popularity and the browsers were becoming more sophisticated, the users were experimenting other ways of interacting with the computers. Operational systems with easy usability, real time games and desktop suites with friendly layouts had pushed the users expectative to a higher level and then the Html started suffering its own restrictions. Some of these restrictions are enumerated below:"

Let me get this straight ... it's limited, it faces restrictions, and so it's dying.

I don't buy it.

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