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NEPOMUK - The Social Semantic Desktop

Proven: yuppies are insane. Full Stop.

post-hoc: I regret the tone of this post. I also regret that it puts NEPOMUK and those who work on it in a bad light.
As exemplars of this teams good works I suggest MyMorey and Gnowsis.
But since this post actually captures the heart essence of my reaction, I must per force let it stand. --BenTrem 0015 18OCT06

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its not completly insane. This project was one of about 100 or so that were filed in and selected for funding, in a review that took months. So the EU doesn't blow their money without checking.

As you know, I am one of the people that works on the project, so biased.

Sure, the project homepage sucks, but that will get better. One point of this project is that we have both basic reasearch on architecture and ontologies, and we also invested into usability experts and usability research. Nepomuk will be used in three case studies, one at the Linux distributor Mandriva. So, the results have to prove themselves on real users, nice angle.

But still, you can surely criticise, give us more details :-)

By Blogger leobard, at Tuesday, 17 October 2006 at 14:16:00 GMT-6  

*hangs head*

Not fair ... you're too good, and I left my can hanging out. Besided: you got to Burning Man and I didn't get to the RainbowGathering. So I plead temporary insanity.

1) I know EU isn't blowing its money ... some of those sites are glorious. Once upon a time Canada was best of breed in telecomm and broadcasting; I think we've missed the boat on web-tech.

2) my big complaint about the site is that it is neither a painfully obvious marketing brochure nor a set of technical documents. I find it hermetic. And things hermetic put me in a foul mood.

3) if I cared less about your core concepts I would have been less offended.

4) I don't think giving detailed criticism would be productive. How about I become a member of your team instead?

cheers / regards

p.s. does blogger notify of replies to comments? I suspect not. LiveJournal is a far more mature product.

By Blogger Ben, at Wednesday, 18 October 2006 at 00:08:00 GMT-6  

Hi Ben,

coming back to your post after months :-)

btw: to connect with the team, pretty easy. just join people@semanticdesktop.org mailinglist. or the semanticdesktop.org wiki. Or try to hire at one of the project partners, DFKI are full at the moment.

but you could always hack a nice semantic web 2.0 application that kicks del.icio.us/flickr butt by providing cool semantic links between stuff, like how the tags of BurningMan are related to RainbowGathering.

acutally, I didn't fancy so much that you edited the text, the original was much more spicier :-)


By Blogger leobard, at Thursday, 21 December 2006 at 02:55:00 GMT-7  

Hey there Leo -

Again, I'm not sure that you will know I've replied here; blogspot's development has been pretty disappointing and I doubt that you will get email notification.

Thanks for your note. I have to say I find it poignant in the extreme. Fact is I'm just about completely disheartened; either my project makes no sense at all or (far more likely) my peers are busy-busy-busy and see no reason to give my proposal a second's consideration. In any case it's as though I'm trying to see the idea of zippers on tin-cans. (Hey! That's not a bad idea! *grin*)

You've grasped the nut of my project Leo ... I appreciate that.

So, for the moment, thanks for that. And seasons greetings to you.


p.s. yes, well, "spicey" is what I usually reserve for the blog where I rant in complete freedom, trying to keep this one civil. heh

p.s.2 checked out ITtooblox? consider joining ... see http://www.ittoolbox.com/profiles/tremben/

By Blogger Ben, at Saturday, 23 December 2006 at 10:05:00 GMT-7  

For the record: here is leobard's true blog.

By Blogger Ben, at Saturday, 23 December 2006 at 17:43:00 GMT-7  

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