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Brian Benzinger in Solution Watch writes:
"Unlike coComment and co.mments, Commentful will only notify you of new comments rather then scraping the comment itself from the site and displaying it. What I like about this is that I find that even though coComment displays comments on its site and other details, I still visit the actual site where the comments are because I’d rather read them there. All I want is to be notified of new comments and that is all Commentful will do. Commentful also works for any comments made on a site whether the commenter is a Commentful user or not unlike coComment where only registered user comments are tracked." reports:
" CoComment is an amazing tool for tracking your own comments and aggregating them in one place. But last time I checked, it was only tracking comments from CoComment users - it’s also unable to track threads you haven’t participated in. Co.mments, meanwhile, is great for tracking comment threads on social sites and blogs - it also provides a bookmarklet and RSS feeds. For blog owners, Co.mments offers a “track with co.mments” button to add to your posts and feeds (it’s essentially a “Digg This” button for comments). Commentful is neat if you need immediate updates, but personally I prefer to receive comment notifications via RSS. "

"CoComment upgrades, now worth using" at TechCrunch:
"Most important is that CoComment will now track all comments made after yours - not just comments made by other CoComment users. That was a deal breaker in the past - now the service has made itself truly relevant. Competing service Co.mments has had this feature for some time. New player in the space Commentful does the same thing but appears to offer a simpler feature set for more casual use (30 item tracking limit, blinking notification of every new comment)."

I've had a coComment account for quite a long time but, as appears in Library Clips I uninstalled it because it was breaking some of my other Firefox scripts. He continues:
"NOTE: Both Commentful and co.mments will track comments left by anyone (they don’t have to know these services even exist)…whereas CoComments (a social comments service) will only notify you of a new comment on a blog if the person who made the comment is registered with CoComments (I think this is still the case)."

Library Clips goes into more depth in "coComment is Crawling to the Top":
"[coComment] also offers a feed to track it in your RSS Reader. This feature has recently been enhanced, because now it shows all subsequent comments to a blog post regardless if the commenter is registered with coComments…this is something that co.mments and Commentful had that was unique, but now it seems coComments has this and more…check it out. Plus, now you don’t have to comment on a blog post in order to bookmark it in coComments, you can simply bookmark any blog post you like to track comments…in the end it is a comment tracker and a repository."
The final comment there is telling: "NOTE: If you are into just plain and simple tracking of any comments from a blog post, co.mments is a great tool, but if you want to do this and more, then coComments is your choice."

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