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*Draft - it's late in a long day; I'm tired*

In good time; a quantum of information to bring folk aboard and to enable those who self-host.

Updated: Social WhiteList with OpenID
Also: "OpenID Delegate WordPress plugin will add OpenID delegation abilities to your blog, thus allowing you to sign in to various OpenID supported sites using your blog’s URL." and "WordPress YADIS/XRDS is a Wordpress plug-in to aid in delegating your OpenID to another server."

SpreadOpenID is Here to Explain the Options - ReadWriteWeb: Written by Marshall Kirkpatrick / January 3, 2008 11:07 PM

Would you like to know more about the different options available for an OpenID account? is a great looking project aiming to make it easy to learning about and chose a provider for OpenID. Did you hear that? Someone has finally begun a project dedicated to communicating clearly and accessibly about OpenID! Today is a beautiful day."

Spread OpenID?:

Just another website on a topic which is just cool with some geeks? Well, hopefully not. As you have probably guessed by the name already, Spread OpenID is a platform helping to spread the idea of OpenID and make it more known among users. It’s mainly focused on end users who have read or heard about it but don’t know where to start. It is not a competing site to or any other site. Spread OpenID works alongside the OpenID community wherever possible."

Public OpenID providers - OpenID Wiki:

OpenID allows anyone who can run a web server to run an identity server. Your identity server is separate from your identity, so you are free to use any identity server that has some ability to validate your identity and you can change between them at will. An identity server is sometimes referred to as an identity provider. If you wish, you can use the services listed below with your own website as your identifier using delegation."

Run your own identity server - OpenID Wiki:

"Running your own identity server allows you to act as an OpenID Provider. You could run one just for yourself, for a community of users or, if you wish, for the general public. You do not need to register or obtain permission from anyone; you just need to run an OpenID identity server on your site."

Main Page - OpenID Wiki | Delegation - OpenID Wiki:

Delegation allows you to use your own website as your identifier while still using a third-party OpenID provider. This requires only the ability to add a small snippet of HTML code to the page you wish to use as your identifier.

What you need to know
In order to set up delegation, you need to know two pieces of information:
  • The identifier issued to you by your provider. This is what you would sign in to sites with if you weren't using delegation.
  • The URL (address) of your provider's identity server. You should be able to get this information from your provider."

    My pick: phpMyID: "a standalone, single user, OpenID Identity Provider."

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