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... well, they're productive and sane.

Chatting with a fellow about innovation and providing solutions, he pointed me to ''Implementing Scrum'', an "agile development" blog that included a comic strip, and right away I found an illustration of what I was getting at.

I had written

My old .sig read "When you look to see how the system works | Likely you'll find that it doesn't."
Folk sometimes thinks it's pretty funny.
Not many realize that it's actually true.


Tell a fool that he's being foolish and he'll call you a fool.
In my experience unless an individual is actually concerned with the progress of his work it's very likely that personality politics will result in some version of "Not invented here", or some other neurotic reaction.
Folk who are secure welcome solutions ... those who aren't don't, cuz they think solutions will reveal the fact that they're faking it.
Is what obstructs innovation, IMNSHO.
and here's the cartoon I found ... the first panel makes my point:


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As the fellow hinted at here, I'll second a recommendation of the Scrum blog and comic. Humor certainly helps in getting across the details and even big picture of something that can seem so foreign to traditional developers. Agile Development of any kind is a pretty radical mindshift - and we can use all the means available to infect people with this.

I have not taken Mike's Scrum classes, but I like what I've seen thus far.

By Blogger Dan Keldsen, at Saturday 1 December 2007 at 19:59:00 GMT-7  

Scrum and "agile development" ... masterly, converting that stuff to cartoon status.

So much of the stuff in Dilbert would likely be lost on someone who'd never had a "pointy-haired boss", but it generalizes far beyond the IT sector.

Which reminds me of a great 60s book: "Been Down So Long it Looks Like Up to Me" ... avionics in the Vietnam era.

But really: anyplace the rubber hits the pavement there are the same sort of dysfunctions and disconnects; the material is timeless, while the way we deal with our workaday lives says a lot about our times.

By Blogger Bernard (ben) Tremblay, at Saturday 1 December 2007 at 20:19:00 GMT-7  

Hi all,

I appreciate the comments about the site and, as always, am open to input for new ideas about comic strips or things I should address in the future.

Trying to keep it real!

- mike vizdos

By Blogger Michael Vizdos, at Thursday 13 December 2007 at 17:01:00 GMT-7  

Hey Michael -

*Is this another google SNAFU? I couldn't get to your profile.*

Nice of you to drop by ... I look forward to reading more of your blog.


By Blogger Bernard (ben) Tremblay, at Thursday 13 December 2007 at 18:05:00 GMT-7  

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