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Anchor for this item  posted Sunday, February 24, 2008 at 2:38 pm MST

A couple of days ago someone I know from Twitter blogged that he skims through 2,500 blog posts each morning. *cough* ... yaaa, ok, sure. *cough*

Just now I came across "tell me how you manage your attention. What tools and techniques do you use to stay on top of your river of information? in Sam Lawrence's "GoBigAlways", and that got me thinking about what I'd done recently for feeds.

My "trick of the month" comes out of my using NetVibes rather than google reader or BlogLines. After a long while of dragging feeds from one NV module to another I had something like a useful set of categories. What I did then was to take the tabs I read most often and aggregated them using Yahoo!Pipes (sorted chronologically, throttled according to recency) and passing the results through FeedBurner (see staffers at Automattic and AcePoliticalBlogs) and, ayup, back to NetVibes.
There, instead of a lot of tab each with perhaps dozens of modules, I can have a couple of tabs with 4 or 5 modules in each. And, of course, the individual feeds are still there, just one click away.

What I like about the Pipes functionality is that I can limit the number of items from a frequently updated blog while making sure I get the most recent 1 or 2 from one that's less active.

p.s. "Open Sourcing My TechCrunch Work Flow 11.27.06" from Marshall Kirkpatrick's blog tells how he manages his RSS tsunami.


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