Technorati: Discussion about “ Design and the Elastic Mind”

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Technorati: Discussion about “ Design and the Elastic Mind”: "Design and the Elastic Mind"

Today at 6:21pm Bernard clicked Share", posting a link caught at ... " brings the shiet: ''Design and the Elastic Mind'' from MoMa. Which likewise brings the shiet. And technorati /is/ the shiet for bringin' this shiet!"


And on another hand, an early site by a friend from my contracting days: Layth Matthews' "GoldOcean" magazine at /

Ooh, and there we go ... I'm off the beaten track ... a piece of work by a dear flame from that period of time, the glorious Lauchlan Learned: "Care for the Caregiver A Manual for Implementing Workshops" at CAFed's Dept't of Veteran Affairs.

(blogging the old-fashion way is kinda fun! *grin*)


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