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Addendum to M$ $QL worm: from NYTimes Tech 28JAN03, Worm Hits Microsoft, Which Ignored Own Advice ... "The frantic message came from the corporation's information technology workers: "HELP NEEDED: If you have servers that are nonessential, please shut down."
"Microsoft has been blaming the users, saying they have to keep their patches up to date," said Bruce Schneier, founder and chief technical officer of Counterpane Internet Security Inc., a company that manages security for customers. "On the other hand, their own actions demonstrate how unrealistic that position is." A spokesman for Microsoft, Rick Miller, confirmed that a number of the company's machines had gone unpatched, and that Microsoft Network services, like many others on the Internet, experienced a significant slowdown."
Wellll, it's far better than having some variation on "we wouldn't actually call it a bug ..."

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