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A looming meme ... I'm starting to encounter alternative thinking on the subject of FS ... yaa, the question of file systems. (How much of FS falls into the domain of "namespace"?) This clip ("Synacasaurus") from Disobey Nonsense Network -- Daily Cultural Enjoyment noodged me into starting a theme here (*sigh* which means I should dredge my bookmarks and notes). "Whilst I heartily disagree with the debate over how hierarchical filesystems are bad, I admit I'm one of those "programmers" who thinks it's a "really wonderful thing". I also collect far more than the average person when it comes to downloadable files (mp3s, movies, images, text files, etc.). I like organizing my files - I hate being told how to use my computer."
I guess the paper that's on my mind at the moment is "Name Spaces As Tools for Integrating the Operating System" from NameSys / ReiserFS (a DARPA sponsored project).
*Ooh boy ... a break in regular programming for Dubya's State of the Union address ... yessir, sometimes bifurcation comes down to homely truthes. What really bothers me is the idea that policy is being dictated by the notion of getting people to feel secure ... feelings are tricky things, very subject to manipulation, and not terribly rational at the best of times. Ahh, the Sargeant at Arms has made the announcement.*

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