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One more for the "it's not just me department". (A bit of setup: 1) Joel is no amateur, and no poseur, right? 2) our language is practically dead; the reaction I get to "I heard a nice song this afternoon" is much the same as what I'd get to "OMG I don't know how I missed it but the 9th cut on Kwaku Kwaakye Obeng's "awakening" can loop for hours without boring!!" ... same-o ... no connection, no contact! 3) I'm tiring of ranting about how things shouldn't go Code4 everytime a lighbulb burns out.)

Joel on Software -   "A week of Murphy's Law gone wild"

Gawd ... how are we supposed to run a planet if we can not rely on our peripheral processes and ancillary devices?! "Mission critical" has become as much a buzzword as "new and improved". A society that doesn't relate to the actualities of economic activity can't learn from history, and so won't be able to distinguish between reasonable fear and mere paranoia. *slaps forehead*
You read this. I'm going to get a drink. Scotch. Old scotch. Neat. A double. At least one.

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