Anchor for this item  posted Tuesday, February 04, 2003 at 3:17 pm MST - Space Shuttle Columbia and Her Crew - "this page will collect and distribute information about the crew, the flight, and the ongoing investigation."

As you can imagine, NASA servers are getting pounded. A very intelligent set of resources is published on NASA Television and on NASA TV on the Web. (One feeds that's holding up very well is that from JPL ... perhaps they're used to getting pounded? This one and the other traditional feeds are consistenly better than those posted more recently.)
NB: Since 99.5% of coverage is talking head stuff, I've set RealAudio connection to 14.4 ... not only is my feed uninterrupted, but my load is roughly 1/6th that of those sucking down 80KB or whatever. When I'm not viewing RA, I feed from KSC's nasatv.ra audio feed at 8.5KB ... again, without interruption, but this time at nearly 1/10th the pull. (Look to see who's maximizing their own share ... /that's/ someone you don't want on your team.)

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