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The right sidebar on the AIFIA pages reads in part, "The emergence of Information Architecture (IA) as a formal discipline has gathered key areas of expertise together to provide a framework for the rational design of content-rich sites." to which I say ... uhhh ... yaa! There I found this neatly formulated list: 25 Theses

My peregrinations took me through an interesting thickening of cyberspace:
*, by PhD candidate Katrina (champignon) Spurgin, who quotes Wilson, "More to the point, it is a situation-specific product of the interaction between a user and a document". This moved me to write, in a note to her, "When I was in R&D tech_docs, I justified a lot of my time by pointing out that data was practically worthless if it was un-discoverable; that my making it accessible transformed it into information ... no manager I ever met could trump that! *grin*"
* memekitchen, with the motto "baking fresh think since 1967", quotes I M Pei, "It is not an individual act, architecture. You have to consider your client. Only out of that can you produce great architecture. You can't work in the abstract"
* "Information as Thing", a preprint of an article published in the Journal of the American Society of Information Science, begins, "Three meanings of "information" are distinguished: "Information-as-process"; "information-as-knowledge"; and "information-as-thing", the attributive use of "information" to denote things regarded as informative."

And all of this while downloading a nifty new icon editor ... ain't the web an amazing phenom, though?!

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