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You don't know what you've got til it's gone ...

My recent loss of internet connection and my temporary resumption forebodes what is to come unless I connect with the "punchline" of the "economic conversation" pretty damned quickly.

But, to make hay while the sun shines ... transparent inference has seduced me entirely. (The last time I was swept away so completely was when a cognitive psychology project got me into historiography. [Can there be universally communicable meaning without absolutes?]) ... so, returning to the challenge of indexing document sets, I'm nibbling away at pages such as these:
XML and Search: SearchTools Report ... Lou Rosenfeld's "XML: Text & Context" (accompanied by "Data Does Not Equal Information" is nice, but boy ... Feb '99 ... I'll be hunting down fresh versions of this material. Similarly with "XML and Semantic Transparency" by Robin Cover, which dates from late '98.

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