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I was enthralled earlier today by a general meeting run using FlashMeeting, produced by The Center for New Media, part of Knowledge Media Institute at the Open University. Looking through their list of projects and other documents eventually lead me to a fabulous proposal. The Open University; Open Content Initiative - The OCI Proposal ...
"The University has an extensive reservoir of high-quality learning materials available in a variety of formats. It proposes to explore how best to make some of these freely accessible in an international web-based open content environment and, in so doing, to advance open content delivery methods and technologies"
Hear, hear!

Also of note:
  • Rostra - Intelligent News Agency Technologies
  • eXtrem Webcasting
  • XO - the automatic presentation creator and XO backlot
  • From the Compendium group: Mimetic - Meeting Memory Technology Informing Collaboration; Compendium for indexing online meetings

  • On a different beat:
  • AccessGrid3
  • CoAKTinG (Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid), from AKT (Advanced Knowledge Technologies)
  • "Information is all around us. Never has it been so easy to collect. Never has it been so easy to store. Never has there been such easy access to it. And yet this info-bonanza is seen all too frequently not as a boon, but as a burden. The information you actually need is often concealed by information that you don't need; it is covered by a blanket of info-smog. To realise the opportunity of our information-rich environment, you need to extract knowledge from information, value from the info-smog. New resources, such as the semantic web, are the key to extracting the value from your informational assets.

    Let us define knowledge as usable information. What does "usable" mean here? ..."

  • Co-OPR: Collaborative Operations for Personnel Recovery, from AIAI, School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh
  • From JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) - Virtual Research Environments Programme

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