Google succumbs to yuppie brain-rot

Anchor for this item  posted Friday, November 17, 2006 at 12:07 pm MST

Dig: I cannot comment on "non-beta" blogs. I'm not allowed to do that. Google stops me. Google will not allow me to comment in blogspot blogs that haven't converted to their new beta.
Because I adopted the "beta-blog" program I cannot comment on blogs that have not.

Heavy handed? Yes.
Incompetent? Yes.
Contemptuous? Yes.
Against the basic idea of World Wide Web? Yes.
Successful? Yes.

Just goes to show that yuppies can't handle success ... they take to contempt and impunity like ducks to water.

Worse than pathetic, this is ... it's obscene. The only thing more obscene is that most folk won't even notice.


====> Google sucks.


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