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Conversation Base: Introduction Of Bloggers and Blacksmiths :
"'It began with conversations. Then we got into broadcast media. Now we are going back to conversations. It's a full circle.'
   --Terry Catchpole, The Catchpole Corporation"

VibeWise | Taking Simple Things Seriously ... Beginning with foundations

What does it come down to? You know … “it“.

As individuals we are story tellers. (If what you are doesn’t matter to you then you should adjust your tin-foil helmet and until you do just find a quiet place and try not to cause trouble.) That means our “internal narrative” is what runs society. (Like the little voice in your head right now that’s telling you this is hippie bullshit … or wondering what I’m going on about.)

“History” is the story that historians agree on. Made up of facts, most of the time but not always, and strung together in a way that makes some sort of sense to most people most of the time. Usually in a way that’s useful to those with the sort of clout that lets them have historians hired and fired.

Many2Many ... Nuts and Bolts VS Turnpikes and Beltways:

Thinking about how the processes of publication and broadcasting relate to the dynamics of inter-personal exchange (The over-lap is so fractal it’s like stepping into a time/space discontinuity!) I realize that the mandate I imagine for Many2Many is quite distinct from, well, from what drives my “Participatory Deliberation” project. So much so that I started a seperate blog for the latter: VibeWise: Taking Simple Things Seriously

Also of interest, google hacks:
  • GoogleSearch using API
  • Add search function to GReader; GreaseMonkey script for same. Also: Getting results right in GReader
  • Xenomachina: Easier Links with Google AJAX Search API
  • Dead simple way to download posts from
  • In Dojo's blog, "Planet Dojo" (see their "Summer of Code / Data Projects") I came across Daniela Florescu's "Managing Semi-Structured Data" ... a new one for me.

    And reading up on Leo Sauermann's thinking about "Gnowsis" I found Dynamic Data Web Page, by Frederick Giasson.

    Also, from Alex of Dojo: "Continuing Intermittent Incoherence". And from Brendan Eich, "OpenWeb and its Adversaries"

    Elsewise, Conversation With X/HTML 5 Team" (by Ian Hickson) and "Cool URIs for the Semantic Web" (by Leo Sauermann, Richard Cyganiak and Max Völkel).

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