How Lame is MSNBC? Let the shells fly, and see.

Anchor for this item  posted Thursday, July 13, 2006 at 2:35 am MST

Breaking News Newsletter Topic Page - Newsletters - "Sign up for email alerts of breaking news headlines from and be the first to learn when a major story develops. Signing up is easy and FREE,"

Whoooooaaahoooohooo! Not only is the email subscription easy, but it's FREEEEE to boot! By gawd, no wonder those media-convergence types are so rich: they're just about as stuhned as dot-bomb and dot-bombV2r1 yuppies!

Honestly, isn't that enough to gag a maggot? Wankers are kicking Dell and mocking NYTimes and there's MSNBC, stolidly behind the curve, while M$ goes nutz with a whole family of and sites. (Bizarro sidebar: I check WikiPedia for Category:Project before creating it, good WikiGnome that I am. The page it appeared on showed that had it existed it would have been category #109738 ... give or take a few. There must be something like 150K categories!)

But credit where credit is due ... they came up with an aweful puhrty banner icon:

See, thing is, I was rummaging around for news. (Bizarro #2 of a series: in 1972 I was doing "communications research"; when we heard a certain type of radio signial, like buzzing bees the size of whales, we would scramble to run tapes ... and when that signal stopped and another started within less than 2 minutes we were in tight collaboration with fellows around the globe. 1972 ... I have reason to be displeased anytime I want. K? *BK BK BK - just in this very moment: there was a cyber attack on US defense information infrastructure around the time of the NKorean missile test ... sig_int, ayup.*) Tank battles, kidnapped soldiers, an international airport in the suburbs of a major metropolis being rocketed ... the shiet is hitting the fan yet again.

see "Israel has rolled into Lebanon. Here we go again?"" (HfxBen at LJ) and/or "Sabres, so often rattled, too often leave their marks." ("Beyond Greed")

In the early 80s I did interviews alongside Physicians for Social Responsibility; in the early 90s I tried without success to get connected with an equivalent in the IT field. *shrug* Go figure ... I guess I just not the sort that fits in a hot tub.

p.s. I really like my technorati faves, and I appreciate the service. But even with what I've done about "Participatory Deliberation" at Gnodal, I still don't have what I want when it comes to news and politics. Geesch.

Addendum: a decent feed has been right under my nose for a few days: *D'uh!*


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