CogHead folk roll up their sleeves

Anchor for this item  posted Thursday, November 29, 2007 at 9:31 pm MST

Earlier today I visited Twitter and tweeted this:

"80/20 rule? Wicked. Evil. Corrupt. I won't fly on a plane designed by techs who wanted 80% pay for doing 20% of the heavy lifting."

In contrast to lame / slack / suck-ups, the CogBlog talks about some seriously legit heavy-lifing:

"You've probably noticed we've been pretty quiet with respect to product announcements over the last several months, and it was for good reason. The entire engineering and product management team has been heads down implementing a set of significant improvements to the Coghead service that will provide both short and long term benefits [...]
We decided to make two significant upgrades to the service:
  • - Change the underlying client-side technology infrastructure from OpenLaszlo to Adobe's Flex [...] The challenge was that switching to Flex basically meant rewriting the entire UI implementation.
  • Move our server-side hosting infrastructure to a service-based grid deployment using Amazon's EC2 and S3 services [...]
After several months and many late nights, we completed the Flex rewrite of our UI implementation. [...]
The move to EC2/S3 was executed through a series of steps dating back to February. [...]"

"Good on yuh!" is all I can say.

Well, no. Not really. There I commented thusly:

"Interesting how this has become an OL discussion ... front of mind with a lotta folk! It's been a sentimental favorite of mine for a long time ... that said, it'll be real good to see how your Flex implementation pans out; the folk at OL strike me as the sort who'll make best use of substantial feedback."

I guess I have to add "Zounds!" and "Gadzooks!"


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