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In his "Breakups are hard to do" (see his What Do I Know"), Todd Dominey gives us a nice peek behind the scenes:

"the road to launch started a year and a half ago. Myself and a handful of other talented people spent months creating presentations and financial projections, developing wireframes, pitching the concept to focus groups, designing mockups, acquiring staff, and of course developing the brand; all with the end goal of acquiring the 'green light' from Turner. You see, Super Deluxe wasn't a directive from above, but rather a concept that had to be sold to the company before it could be started.
We reached that goal early Fall 2006, and immediately followed through with three intense months of development. The site was publicly launched mid-January 2007.
Today, two months later, Super Deluxe is seeing incredible traffic with very little marketing or advertising."

Nice story ... thanks.

Hey, BTW: I took my "The Cool Discipline of Freedom" (a dormant blog) for a walk through's "Template Update" process and settled on "Scribe", a design by Todd's Dominey Design. Nice thing about properly formed XML? It took me about 18.2 seconds to shift the sidebar from left (which I think really sux) to right (which I think is only right and proper. (Now, here's a quibble: how long do you bet it'll take me to get the google-geek's lame-ass Profile "widget" to STOP SHOUTING MY NAME AND ADDRESS. *buncha dummies*)

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