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Software: Laszlo Webtop | LaszloSystems: IA Desktop in a Browser - "Designed to support the delivery of integrated suites of OpenLaszlo RIAs, Laszlo Webtop offers a consistent user experience that is accessible from any web-enabled computer. The wide-ranging appeal of Laszlo Webtop makes it ideal for internal or consumer-facing corporate deployments, varying from financial dashboards to consumer communications consoles to enriched enterprise portals."

Joel Spolsky on "How Microsoft Lost the API War" - "largely unnoticed: Microsoft's crown strategic jewel, the Windows API, is lost. The cornerstone of Microsoft's monopoly power and incredibly profitable Windows and Office franchises, which account for virtually all of Microsoft's income and covers up a huge array of unprofitable or marginally profitable product lines, the Windows API is no longer of much interest to developers. The goose that lays the golden eggs is not quite dead, but it does have a terminal disease, one that nobody noticed yet."

Canvas Paint ... M$ Paint in a browser window, with AJAX and the new <canvas> tag. How amazing is that?!

ThumbStacks (the devblog) and Empressr (also the blog), 2 sweet little web apps for producing presentations.

ZoHo Creator ... just plain impressive.

Mindomo and Kayuda ... two, count em two web-based concept-mapping systems!

Podcasts & Blogs @ TalkBMC

I discovered this slick documentation system earlier. Then I was really wowwed by this example of ''complex layout'', really. And then Jack Slocum's blog, an absolute garden of delights ... but dig this blog entry ... click the little glyphies in the left edge/toolslide. Amazing, nae?!

Raymond Chen's blog, out of M$, recommended by Joel. And, a dandy blog on entrepreneurship.

Think pieces:

  • e-book: Jack Balkin's "Cultural Software: A Theory of Ideology" released under a Creative Commons
    "Yale University Press has graciously agreed to release an online version of my 1998 book, Cultural Software: A Theory of Ideology, under a Noncommercial Sharealike Creative Commons license."
  • Jeff Zaadz on "Programming the Universe"
  • Cosma Rohilla Shalizi on self-organization (also see homepage at UMich, blog, and also there a big piece of "The Quick Buck Becomes Quicker " by dear Heinz Pagels)
  • Dandy article about Mitchell Baker at Moz
  • Decentralized Information Group, TimBL's ''Linked Data - Design Issue'', SweoIG / LinkingOpenData wiki at W3C

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