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In the Who said he died? department:

Eric Raymond is back and blogging at "Armed and Dangerous" where he writes, "No, I have not vanished from the earth: The book is nearly wrapped up and I may be able to start blogging again shortly. In the meantime, note that my website has moved. It is now at

"The Ecosystem Returns" reads in part, "After a long hiatus, the Blogosphere Ecosystem has returned to The Truth Laid Bare. You can find it right here, in all its glorious silliness. This time around, I did it right: it's fully automated, executing once a day in the early morning using PHP scripts and storing all the results in a MySQL database."

The similar announcement at WebBlog MetaData Initiative reminded me to think about adding weblog page attributes to my own blogs.

Of passing interest:
Not only does blogads have an interesting set of blogs that are selling ads, but they run an interesting blog themselves.

blogroots (with blogpopuli) and blogstreet, "Blog Neighborhood, Top Blogs, Search, RSS and Utilities"

I stumbled acros Rock, Paper, Stone: The Biz Stone Guide to Independent Publishing from last spring ... a dandy article, and I hear Biz Stone's "Blogging: Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content" is good too. [You noticed that it isn`t a link? Well, a) I think the title sux, and b) it pissed me off that I can`'t afford it. (Yes, I really do think the title sux ... that wouldn't stop me from buying a good text though.)]

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