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Full Stop

Due to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (read: the Dell LatitudeXPi 166MHz laptop I got from my last contract 5 years ago gave up the ghost when I tried to re-install Win95 *sigh*) I no longer have connectivity ... raw deal after 3 decades of CMC (read: no box and no connection = no development). But being on disability sucks in any number of ways, and this isn't the worst of it.

Expect to see me posting about my new discourse system [working title: Miss Peebles] real soon now. In the meantime, peek at these two sites, and ponder how we create knowledge, exchange knowledge, and what happens if corporate entities dictate those processes.

  • Nupedia is an free, ever-expanding, open content general encyclopedia ... public peer-reviewed ... created by volunteer scholars the world over.
  • Wikipedia is an international, open content, collaboratively developed encyclopedia. As of January 2003, it covers a vast spectrum of subjects and has over 106,000 articles in English as well as about 37,000 articles in other languages.
How WikiPedia and NuPedia relate.


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