Documentation is not always awefull

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Developing Dashboard Widgets - A fine example of documentation!

And this: King Design : Home - a really well documented site! viz: Documentation.

Now: is a god-damned mess. "This may take a few minutes if you have a large blog" WTF? Posting a small item is a big deal? Jesus ... people are pulling salaries for writing this trash? (Oh right, it's free ... like our least favorite OS ... goddamn bullshit.) And why the Jesus does Compose show that there was whitespace when in fact everything ran together until I put breaks in? Amaterish crap. And why the hell is there a URL in the title of this post?neither does that ULR (If it pointed to the post, well, fine ... by why does it default to the URL of the page I'm blogging? That's dumb ... arguably useful, ergo it should more correctly be a configurable option.) Just goes to show the state of programming: crap ... garbage ... junk ... sloppy bullshit to justify dragging yet another pay check.

p.s. none of the answer pages work ... all of them "This page has moved". Bunch phoneys pretending to know how to run a system ... disgraceful. NB: I clicked through nearly a dozen pages to find the fucking BlogThis! bookmarklet ... without success. I eventually installed the RightClick FF extension at


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