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I just now posted this to that venue. (I "wrote on the wall". *gick*)

"Government2.0 ... it must be a "dis-intermediation", yes?

But let's not get pie.in.the.sky ... we remain whatever/whoever we are. That, for me, means it still necessarily comes down to discourse theory. Paulo Friere ("Pedagogy of the Oppressed"? I favour "Education for Critical Consciousness".) and Jurgen Habermas and RDLaing and Greg Bateson and Fromm and on and on ...

... surely the point is that if we follow the usual trends then Gov2.0 will be no more than another barrel of cotton-candy and caramel-popcorn.

My 32 years beavering away at this wicked problem has brought me no wealth (http://hfx-ben.livejournal.com for the drama) but an appreciation of how AJAX + IA + an appreciation of the Socratic method can produce a set of methods and processes that are ... well ... "cybernetic" in the truest sense, i.e. self-steering, self-correcting, self-righting.

But the iron law of capital applies: VC flows to what is likely to show the most exaggerated ROI."



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