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My comment to "The Web is Dynamic at

Something from the review of "The Exploit" really resonated with me; I've been saying that most folk (ADHD, "constant partial attention", etc etc etc) don't grok what I'm trying to say. Not that it's too complicated, far from it, but rather because it's too simple. (An example of "simple": chaos is not random ... chaos is information rich, and random is entropic ... like apples and oranges.) I figure it's because my approach to data rich environments ("somewhere in between painful boredome and helmet-fire") is orthogonal to what's present practice. I'm not sure that's the best term, but it's what I've come up with as a close approximation.

"Galloway and Thacker argue that a whole new topology must be invented to resist and reshape the network form, one that is as asymmetrical in relationship to networks as the network is in relation to hierarchy."
I think that's right. Doing "Web1.0" very, very well will only give us Web1.0.

Have a peek at "Viral + Monetizable = StartUp Magic Quadrant" ... it's like the guy's been reading my mind.

"My definition of Web 3.0 is:
“The combination of Web 2.0 mass collaboration with structured databases”.
If you can build a research tool that propagates virally and gets more useful with each person who uses it, you build a business with phenomenal power. "

Just what I realized fully 5 years ago!

My comment to "The AppGap - A New Corante Blog on Portals and KM:

Such a pleasure; I just put my new Yahoo!Pipes aggregator to work in NetVibes (from which I had plucked a group of feeds, P&KM included) and "" was one of the first things that I happened onto!

A lovely project. There's so much going on with regards to Web2.0, and not all of it just buzz; I came a cross a great concept yesterday in a comment to "The Web is Dynamic" ( ... I have been saying that my discourse/evidence-based approach is "orthogonal" to conventional processes (Trying to explain why nobody gets it? *grin*) but now, having encounted "The Exploit" (Alexander Galloway and Eugene Thacker) I'm calling it "assymetrical". Straining to break out of the cliches in an exciting time!


p.s. "sponsored by IntuitQuickBase" is clear and explicit in the project's "About" but, if you don't mind me asking, why/how "A New Corante Blog"? The way it came together I think would be in itself an interesting story.
p.s.2 My, that's disappointing; I put some time and effort into finding the URL for the links I created here ... and TypePad just blew them off? My goodness ... we cannot make links in our comments? So comments about interactivity cannot be interactive? My goodness ... the pages I created in 1995 were smarter than that. I'll now triple the effort to append them. Colour me *cough* bemused.
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