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When I was a kid I read not only the dictionary, but encyclopedias too. My drill sargeant was not impressed to find my copy A. J. Ayers's "Language, Truth and Logic" among the few personal belongings allowed me in my footlocker. So ... let's just say I don't routinely expect to find myself in with the ruling paradigm or majority opinion.
That being so, it's a treat, while drilling down through something concerning transparent inference and the nature of community documents, to come across something as outspoken as this: European Society for Developmental Psychology "Searching for research literature - Although the WWW is often written about as if it was a database of original sources (like a library), there is actually rather little in the way of complete "texts" to be found. There is a lot of information on the internet - but not a lot of ideas. Not a lot of expository text." [emph. added] I would actually disagree with the opinion, but find it heartening that I'm correct concerning the illusion: whether the wealth of brochures we're dealing with comes from corporate spin doctors or well intentioned free (as in speech) crusaders, brochures is what they remain. Hence the goad behind my "Miss Peebles" project.

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